Mapping The Universe Inside Us

Una Ryan’s Intimate Terrain series is based on her black-and-white electron micro graphs of living cells at the submicroscopic level, a territory where science, art and technology merge. In composing each image with colors of the earth as seen from space, the artwork reveals a world beyond the limits of human perception — where the infinite and infinitesimal are inextricably twinned. (January 2015)

Tunica Intima, 2015

Golden Mean, 2015

Signals in the River, 2015

Messages, 2015

No Distress, 2015

Power Lies Deep, 2015

Breath of Color, 2015

Mountain Air, 2015

Exhale, 2015

Lamella Body I

Lamella Body II

Lamella Body III

Lamella Body IV

Grace Under Pressure