Mapping The Universe Inside Us

Series III examines the effects of monumental events — sudden ones like earthquakes or meteor strikes, and those that happen over time, such as climate change or earth erosion. It also highlights the extraordinary power of the living cells that compose us to adapt, respond, heal, and modulate. So too does the earth. Some of the images in Series III show landscapes where scars remain evident, others where human habitations and land have been remolded by impact. Renewal is occurring at levels both minute and immense.

Blue Persuasion, 2016

Habitat, 2016

Preserve, 2016

Heritage, 2016

Transition, 2016

Calm After, Morning, 2016

Vitruvian Veil, 2016

Wrinkle in Time, 2016

Time Capsule, 2016

 Seeing Beyond, 2016

 Lamella Bella, 2016

It’s Not The Kiss, 2016

 Finding San Francisco, 2016

 Escape, 2016

Calm After, Twilight, 2016

Pneumo Wing, 2016

Jewel of the Cell, 2016

Impact, 2016

Eternal Mystery, 2016

Burning Gold, 2016

Wisdom of the Nile, 2016